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Why US as a broker?

in a peak market or a down market is not always easy. Even if you do not want to pay for help I advise you to do so.

The reasons are simple and rational.

Brokers have been selling and helping buyers find properties for many years. THAT is all WE do. We know how to cater either side and understand what each individual party wants.

Just imagine you go to the Nuerburg Ring in Germany and sit down in this fancy Porsche 911 Turbo. Up to this point you are still good. BUT now you have to beat the fastest lap right on the first go and while you at it, please do not crash it.

You probably will manage it but how many tries did you need? Did you go back and took a course, learned from your mistakes and experiences or even consulted others.

In my opinion it will take an awful lot of time which you happily could spend taking the Lamborghini for the fastest lap.

Now what Rohrberg-Yaghouti Group can do for you:

To sell your property we will find the unique selling point . There is always one but it could also be a combination of many. Knowing what is unique about your property will let you stay ahead of the competition. Once we manage the first step we move on to the marketing circle which is very useful and will help us sell a property as well as it gathers information for future sales.

You see from the circle that the first point is analysis. It basically means to analyze everything which influences the sell the property, competitors and current market conditions etc. With the information gathered we move on to create a marketing plan which depending on the property and analytical results can be a simple ad (very unlikely theses days) to a complex mix of marketing instruments.

With this thought through plan we can now put the property on the market and implement the actions stated in your marketing plan. If your plan involves remodeling we suggest you do that before we have showings or put a sales sign out. It does not help to have people see a property under construction, unless you are able to provide imaginary help.

What we mean by that is 3d renderings, floor plans, anything which helps the buyer to imagine the final result.

Now that everything is implemented we have to monitor it and take down the results. It will help to see what works and what does not. For the future it will help us to make better decisions. The gathered results now are compared to the goals mentioned in the marketing plan. If the set goals correlate to what we recorded than the plan is working and the property will sell quickly.

But as we know we do not live in a perfect world and mostly we go back to the first phase and we adjust.

Selling a property is not that easy in particular when it comes to marketing it which most involves high costs and a lot of data to be analyzed.

Let us do the work!