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Marketing your property in the new age

I have been a real estate agent for more than 4 years now and let me tell you that the way you use technology has amazingly changed. First you have the numerous social networks, then the countless CRM systems and never forget what photoshop and virtual tours can do.

Looking at these plentiful almost free available tools it can be a pain to pick the right ones. But do not get me wrong, used in the right sense and combination they will increase business and will present every listing to the maximum potential. The old hardcore version of mailings, signs and flyers do still apply but to a smaller extent, depending on the demographics of an area. So how can we use it to our advantage.

In this article I will refer more to the technological aspect of the matter as it more and more defines the new age.

First of all map your market in terms of where buyers come from or if the majority of first contacts comes from real estate agents with potential buyers. Also ask yourself who is buying the majority of properties in the market, is it foreigners, out of staters, people within the state, county or city. What is the main reason for the purchase? It can sometimes be a combination of some.

The next step , once you made your research, is to take look at the available technological possibilities under the aspects of demographics, meaning who uses what. Believe me what I say. You will probably never reach the older generation by using Facebook or Online advertising, at least not for now. You need also to consider the reputation of the individual medium, that is why Toys R Us never puts an ad in the playboy even though the majority of readers are men with families.

You first choice can be a phone system . Depending on your researched results your clients have to be reached in different countries, so do not even bother with a phone provider who makes long distance calls expensive. Check for good rates and features like conference calls or online providers with chat capabilities. Nothing is better than to WOW your customer and it demonstrates professionalism. BUT test before you implement it. Nothing is more embarrassing than broken lines etc. I found it to be useful to use Skype due a large user base. Many people are already using it and Skype to Skype is free. A nice tool as well is google voice. But remember it is not more than an answering machine with very good features. A final note on this phone issue. If your Internet connection is slow, do not bother with it. Use a regular land land line. A slow internet connection will reduce call quality and result in dropped calls etc..

More and more agents use social networks to reach clients and show case their listings. It is important to look into social networks due high usage of those. In my opinion Facebook is a quite nice tool if you have some funds available. You can narrow the reach of your ad extremely down and specifically target your preferred audience. If you do not want to pay, open a page. Invite your client base to become a fan. Now you can post your exclusives to all your fans and depending on your fan base that can be a large amount. Another one is Twitter which can be useful as well but please use # tags so you can you can be found in search term related searches. The follower base again plays a role but if used used correctly your followers and fans will increase easily over time. Also utilize other networks like LinkedIn, Xing, A Small World etc.Everything contributes to have the property being seen. Once it is the mind of somebody he will tell another and the number of potential buyers is increasing.

When walking around and attending open houses I see more and more people using iPads. It is an awesome little gadget but it takes some time to use it to the full potential in the real estate business. Coming back to the technology aspect you have to find the listing providers with apps not only for IOS but also android and other platforms. More and more potential clients will use them and they come in particular handy when outside. The potential buyer likes the area and boom he opens the app to check what is available in the neighborhood. Now the property has to appear. If there is an open house, you can be sure he/she will check it out.

You might have seen it already. The squares which look like crazy labyrinth games, named QR CODES. Well with the right software they can be read and translated into either text or send the phones web browser to a homepage. In China and Japan is big thing to advertise and slowly it comes over here. In the past year I have seen a big increase . I find it to be useful tool as it translate a huge amount of information in a small format and it again has this wow factor. People ask what is it and let me know what is behind. Again you have generated another way to have people take a look at the property.

The possibilities are almost endless and used in the right way it will give your home the maximum exposure. It is a time consuming task and if you do it only for one house it is too much to learn. You will lose many buyers along the way until you reach them and you will end up with a home which sits in the market for a long time. Professional Real Estate Marketers are a good choice and help sell the home quick and give it most of all the greatest exposure as possible.

If you have questions or like to list feel free to contact me.