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vacation rentals

The Yaghouti Rohrberg Team is able to find you furnished corporate apartment rentals within the City of New York. We hold ourselves to high standards and like our clients to be satisfied with their rental. The apartments we offer have either been visited by our team or we will visit them before you stay there if you are not able to see them yourself.

We owe our renters:

  • C-are
  • C-onfidentiality
  • L-oyalty
  • O-bedience
  • A-ccountability
  • D-isclosure




Please give us a call +1 917 294 1298 or email us.

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Adress:Urban Living Licensed Real Estate Broker, 1178 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001 USA


from the USA +1 (917) 294 1298

from Germany +49 (0) 371 33 71 79 14

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